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Engine Spare Parts

We provide skilled manpower and knowledge for major overhauls on four stroke diesel marine engines, as well on site as in our fully equipped workshop close to the harbour of Antwerp.

Your engines, our care

Denis Diesel Services & Parts keeps you and your engines up & running and supplies engine spare parts

We supply.

Since over 15 years we”re distributing engine spare parts fitting for all well-known brands of bus-, truck, industrial, and ship”s engines. We have the in-house knowledge and software to provide a package, fitting to our customer”s needs. We focus on supplying high-quality goods to almost every known overhaul company in BeNeLux.

We handle your stock.

Also for international shipping companies we manage their spare parts” stocks, in order to reduce their on-board stock and constantly have the necessary components ready.

We go the extra mile.

We provide skilled manpower and knowledge for major overhauls on four stroke diesel marine engines, as well on site as in our fully equipped workshop close to the harbour of Antwerp.

Our customer focus results in tailored service solutions, improving your engine performance significantly. We own a network of service partners worldwide, with who we work closely together.

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Information about Engine Spare Parts.

Engines, aside from its main function of powering a vehicle, have the tendency to wear out with continuous use and are quite expensive to replace. There are times when people buy a new vehicle only to find out that it needs a whole new engine as well as all the replacement spare parts. Buying genuine spare parts for a marine engine can be a wise decision especially if you know your vehicle´s model and brand.

If you are going to purchase engine spare parts for your vehicle from your local distributor, be sure to inspect it before paying for it. It´s very important to get the best ones as they are specially designed to deal with specific engine parts. Also check the local distributor´s website to see if they offer.

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At Denis Diesel Services & Parts, we provide expert support and service for all types of four-stroke diesel marine engines, both onsite and in our fully-equipped workshop close to the harbor of Antwerp. Our team of trained and experienced professionals ensure that your engines are kept in peak performance, working efficiently and reliably.

We can provide a full range of engine spare parts, regularly inspected and tested to OEM standards, ensuring that you receive the best quality. Whether it’s new parts or replacement parts, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide the exact solution you need to keep your engines running optimally, no matter the situation.

We have a large stock of parts in our workshop and our team will do all the technical legwork for you. For major overhauls and repairs, Denis Diesel Services & Parts provides convenient, hassle-free and cost-effective options, with a professional and reliable service. Contact us today for more information and find out how we can help keep your engine in top condition.

Denis Diesel Services & Parts specialiseert zich in de service en het onderhoud van uw viertakt diesel scheepsmotoren. Onze in-house gearbox- en turbine technologie, welke is ontwikkeld op basis van onze decennium aan ervaring, garandeert betrouwbaar sleutel-klaar werk aan uw motoren. Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in grote revisies waarbij we onze bewezen technische kennis combineren met de laatste technologie. U kunt ons inschakelen voor service- en onderhoudsplekken, reparatiemo

Denis Diesel Services enamp; Parts biedt volledig servicepakketten voor grote revisies van viertakt diesel scheepsmotoren aan. Onze gecertificeerde technici hebben meerdere jaren ervaring en kennis om uw motor in de topconditie te houden. Ons omvattende pakket omvat preventief onderhoud, inspecties, revisies, machinale verzorgingen, algemene reparaties en aanpassingen.

Onze volledig uitgeruste werkplaats is gelegen in de nabijheid van de haven van Antwerpen. Hier doen we kleine asynchrone motorreparaties, dynamo-/geregelde conversie naar UTS (Unified Trolling System). Dit systeem wordt gebruikt voor trolling-motoren en wordt niet alleen voorgesteld als maatregel om het brandstofverbruik te verminderen, maar biedt

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Engine spare parts